Our Purpose

When founded in 1998 in Austin, Texas, the 18 founding fathers of our Delta Epsilon Psi were driven by the three pillars of our fraternity; Brotherhood, Discipline, and Commitment. These three fundamental cornerstones are what bond our brothers across the nation. The founding fathers believed by relying on these pillars they could establish the first ever unified South Asian presence in the South. Today, we still are striving to build the South Asian presence at prestigious universities across the nation, however, our goals and purpose have expanded to a much more diverse array of motivations.

When asked, a brother of Delta Epsilon Psi will describe his fraternity as a service and socially driven organization. Most people who go to a school where Delta Epsilon Psi is at have probably heard about our social events, which are known to bring in over 1000 people. Having this sort of social activity on campus helps us spread the presence of South Asian culture while building bonds within our own brothers.

Even more than being a prominent social organization, we are a focused on becoming the nations most successful service fraternity as well. Our service endeavors always attempt to benefit our national philanthropy, Juvenile Diabetes, which has been our main philanthropic motivation since the passing of our brother, Vishal Bhagat, in 2006. Vishal was afflicted by Juvenile Diabetes from an early age and during his time as an active member of the fraternity he helped originate the Sugar Free Bowl.

This charity flag football tournament is the signature service event of Delta Epsilon Psi and in the past 5 years has raised enough to donate over $100,000 to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). The tournament is annually held at our Founding Chapter in Austin, Texas, but is growing to a national level as more chapters are beginning to host the tournament. In the future we plan to unify all Sugar Free Bowls and form a national Sugar Free Bowl, where winners from across the country can compete for the National Sugar Free Bowl Championship.

An even larger service endeavor we host is Project Come Together, which stands as the largest service event ever held at The University of Texas at Austin. This event is an annual field day for 4000 elementary students from underprivileged school districts around Austin. Our brothers organize the day by bringing in carnival rides and over 45 student organizations to run booths with games. This day is given as a reward to the students for academic success in hope to motivate them to strive for further academic achievements, such as admission into a notable university.

Therefore, whether it's while bringing students together on the weekend for good-spirited fun or bringing them together to make the day of 4000 elementary school students, our brothers are playing an active role to unify their community and the culture that exists within it. While dedicating such a dramatic amount of their free time to such community engagement, we have built a strong bond between our brothers. This bond is something each of us holds superior to anything else we do in the fraternity, for each of us knows that within brotherhood lies our strength. As our fraternity ages and our brothers move into the real world, we all plan on using this strength to do things of even greater impact. This is because our purpose is never-ending, brothers of Delta Epsilon Psi are committed to bettering the World in everything we do for as long as we live.