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Chapter History: In the brotherhood of kings, the Zeta chapter was founded on December 5th, 2003  by Jehangir Quereshi, Raj Kandavanam, Kushal Patel, Delip Patel, Miten Patelm Devang Shelat, and Sanup Pathak. These seven extraordinary men sought to bring the ideals and influence of our founding fathers to Baylor University and empower the South Asian Community.

Founding Class of Zeta Chapter Zeta Chapter Founding Fathers 


Delta Epsilon Psi has continuously been recognized, especially here at the Baylor University, as one of the most prestigious service and social fraternities on campus. With the A.A. Hyden Award for Outstanding Student Organization in Community Service and the Abner McCall Award for Outstanding Service, our members have continuously shown their commitment to the well-being of the community. Furthermore, by winning the Academic Excellence Award for having the highest GPA in our governing council multiple times and by having numerous alumni attend prestigious medical and dental schools, our members have shown their dedication to their school work over the years. Our members have won numerous awards that is given out by Baylor University, including the Outstanding Greek Leader of the Year, the Excellence in Student Involvement Award and others. Our goals are structured both for the growth of the Fraternity and the individual. Additionally, our extensive social involvement and campus leadership allows us to stay on top of campus wide events. We aim to provide a basic network for members to succeed academically and to unite members closely to the community, transcending religious and regional barriers within our community, and creating an awareness of South Asian needs and problems to the community. Delta Epsilon Psi was not created to separate a group from the whole, but rather to instill the ideas of a whole into a body of unified men.

Mission Statement: "We, the brothers of Delta Epsilon Psi, vow to be a fraternity whose primary purpose is to instill brotherhood, discipline, and commitment within its members through various social and service driven endeavors."

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